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Revival School Online

This Product is only available in German language.
Dieses Produkt ist ausschließlich in Deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

The Revival School Online

… is provided through a video stream. The contents will be made available once a month (these are a new module each month containing several sessions, file downloads and questionaires). After registration (including payment) you will have access to these contents.

The main themes of the school are:

  • Our identity in Christ
  • The father-heart of God
  • The culture of the kingdom
  • A supernatural lifestyle and ministry
  • Transformation and advancing the kingdom

The Contents are made available in modules. Each Modul contains several teaching-sessions and additional a uint with the purpose to reflect on the things learned. Each month a new model will be made available, the timeframe of the school is 11 month (so that means 11 modules).

As a student you will be asked to purchase 5 more books. (these are not contained in the fee).

These books are:

  1. Face to Face with God ( Bill Johnson )
  2. A Culture of Honor ( Danny Silk )
  3. Heavy Rain (Kris Vallotton)
  4. Strengthen yourself in the Lord ( Bill Johnson )
  5. in Christus – 40 mal täglich Brot (Martin Spreer)


For each of the books we ask you to provide a book report during the 11 month of the school. The purpose of the book-reports is to help Student reflecting on the contents of the books. The last book (in Christus - 40 mal täglich Brot | only available in German) is a devotional that will provide daily thoughts to help to get a deeper understanding and revelation about our identity in Christ Jesus.

Additionally a document provides help and ideas on how to put to practice in everyday life what students are learning.

Another feature of the school is a "virtual classroom" - it is an online forum (pretty much like known social platforms). In this classroom students can Sak their questions, they may share their experiences or additional thoughts.It also provides a means for the students to get in touch with each other.

The Revival School is the right choice for those who would like to serve more effectively in their daily life and who want to pursuit their calling to minister people in the power and the gifts of the spirit. The school will help to learn about foundational themes of personal growth, increase and ministry. It is a core value that truth from scripture is not only understood intellectually but applied very practically in every day life.

The sessions are conducted by the team of the Revival School led by Martin Spreer. Several Moduls are held by international guest-speakers who are sharing their insights.

To be a registered student of Revival School Online the payment of the tuition (€ 160,-) is mandatory.

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